Every inner journey begins with the quest for knowing the self. A very typical, “Who am I?” question arises from within. People spend their entire lives around this question seeking answers. So knowing the self becomes a jigsaw puzzle to many of the people. Many people identify themselves with their bodily appearance, worldly possessions, their self image, their accomplishments and talents.

When they attach themselves with such identities, they are actually becoming more prone to live in a lie. A lie which is created by their mind. That is where the self awareness becomes important.

First of all, there is a difference between the mind and the self. The mind is part of the self which involves the process of thinking, feeling, perceiving and judging.

The mind is always on a wanting mode. The mind always seeks answers to its questions. That is the nature of mind. If you are the one who is always having the questions and doubts, then do not worry, don’t get anxious. Because those questions and doubts are not who you are!

It is your mind’s thirst of knowing everything. One way to break free from the mind is to get the awareness about it’s nature and mechanism. And we are already there now. So, now that we know about the mind, let’s get into the theme of knowing the self. The self is nothing but the awareness. You are the awareness, the consciousness who is actually different from the mind. The mind is the part of the awareness. Awareness is the energy. So, you are the energy, the awareness who have a mind, intellect and a physical body to express.

So now that you are aware of the mind and the awareness, it may seem a lot easier to have access over the mind’s incredible potential. And ofcourse you do have that. Think of your mind as a child who is innocent and is always curious to know. Just like how children are taught on how to behave, how to write and how to read, teach your mind on how to think and feel. Set your mind free to think. But there is one rule for this. Do not judge your mind, at the same time don’t let your mind wander for long. Train your mind to be at the present moments by bringing your focus on the breath and the surroundings.

That is what mindfulness means. It is to live in the here and now. Self realization does not happen in the future or imagination. Don’t think of self realization as something magical. Self realization is in the here and now. I AM are the two of the most powerful words that is ever known. The rest what you think is the mind. I AM is the pure awareness. And that is what it means to truly know and understand yourself. In short it is to know your SELF and to understand the MIND.



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