Hello and welcome back to SOULPOWER! So today I’m here to discuss about the subtle parts of the human consciousness i.e., The mind and the intellect.

So first of all, What is mind? There would be many answers regarding this particular thing. The mind is a part of consciousness, where the thoughts and emotions are at a flow.

Mind is often compared to the river streams which never stops flowing at its direction. Mind is always at a flow state. It doesn’t differentiate between the positive, negative and waste thoughts. There are thoughts and emotions in mind varying upon one individual to another.

Each individual have a unique mindset.

So now that we know about the mind, there is often a question regarding the control we can have over the mind.

I remember a quote which says, “Rule your mind or it will rule you”. Now you see, the mind, if given a direction can serve you as an obedient servant or it can go either way by enslaving you to fulfill its desires. The mind, even though the most powerful tool gifted to us by the universe has its limitations.

So, if you want to control the mind, you can’t just beat yourself up or force yourself to have control over your mind. That’s not the control we are talking about here.

To gain control or more specifically, to master your mind, you have to be aware about the intellect.

When we look across the mainstream spiritual philosophy and self help gurus, they always preach only about the conscious and the subconscious mind. But they forgot the bridge which connects both parts of the consciousness. That bridge is the intellect.

The intellect is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The intellect acts as the judge for the thoughts and emotions. The intellect is the knowing, the understanding between the right and wrong.

Inorder to give the mind a direction, the intellect has to be resilient. Without intellect, a person would be dominated by feelings. The intellect brings a balance between the rationality and emotions.

The food for the intellect is knowledge. The more knowledge you feed your intellect, the more stronger it will be.

Intellect is the backbone for the power of will.

Overall, the intellect is the integral part of the consciousness and has its own significance.

So empower your intellect to have a good relationship with your mind.

Feed your intellect with reaslitic positive thoughts and wisdom, and give your mind a right direction.

That’s all from me today, Thank you for being here. Take care. Namastey.


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