Hello readers, welcome back to SOULPOWER. Today it is Spiritual Saturday and the topic here for today is something which would fascinate or put many of us in a wondering mode. So lets get into this.

When I was sitting alone to observe my mind, it was creating certain doubts on my reality a few moments back. These doubts were pretty weird and made me little anxious. But I didn’t bother about that and observed silence. A few moments later I got an idea. If it is my mind who is creating these doubts, then who am I? I know that I am not my mind, I know that I am not my doubts. So I kept digging myself until eventually there was an answer. And what was that answer? I AM. That’s it.

The rest is the thoughts and beliefs that we create, over a period of time. For example: I AM A DOCTOR I AM A STUDENT, I AM A GREAT PERSON and so and so. But the truth is I AM. That’s it. There are no complications right there. The rest you add up is the belief system which is stored in the mind.

Many people spend their entire life revolving around this question. The key thing they forget to do is to calm down the mind and observe silence.

To know the truth, the absolute truth of WHO YOU ARE, you have to first of all calm the noises and voices inside your heads. The next step is to let go of the belief systems which is indeed a very difficult step for many people to do. Why? Because they are attached to such belief systems. And when you let go of belief systems, you will remain with only one thing. A thing which cannot be let gone of. A thing which never ever changes.

That, my friend, is awareness. You are the awareness. YOU ARE an awareness just like I AM. It is the truth. You live as long as the breath(Life force, Prana) exists. What happens after that? You wake up from a dream called life and become one with all that is. The Universe. The Mind is an illusion. The truth is you. So rejoice and just experience YOU. If you have any queries relating to this article, please do comment below.

I will be privileged to answer.
So that’s all from me today. Thanks for reading. And yeah, make sure to hit that follow button down for more posts like these on SOULPOWER. Namastey.


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