Hello readers, welcome back to SOULPOWER! In many of my blog articles you would find the things related to mind mechanisms spirituality and lifestyle.

Just a few days ago I was watching a video by Eric Ho on YouTube where he revealed his morning routine. That video literally helped me a lot to relax my mind and get into meditation even more.

So, today I am going to provide different ways to de-clutter the mind from unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Well, first of all, meditation is all about reaching the state of nothingness. But would you ever reach that state with a noisy mind which is always on a chatting mode? Well, probably not. You can’t meditate and reach that stage of being one with the universe by having burden of thoughts in your mind.

So, in order to calm down the mind there are few practices which you can do.

Number one is Deep breathing.

If you watch Eric Ho’s videos, you will realize that, in almost all of his videos he has one message, that is.“Breathing is Everything”.

Breathing literally is everything. It is the first thing we all do when we come into this world and is the last thing before we leave this mortal world.

So lets get into the technical part of breathing. Guys, when you practice deep breathing for 10 to 15 mins, your brain will get more oxygen which will help your brain to relax and de-clutter.

So, take a deep breath in.. and out. Focus only on the breath.

When you focus on the breath you will feel more grounded and relaxed. Your mind will be at the present and from there you can start to meditate.

Number two is to practice breathing from alternate nostrills.

Now, before getting into this, I would like to give you a fact on our breathing.

We all breath from only one nostrill. You might think that I’m bluffing but observe your breath and know that by yourself.

So, how to do this? Very simple. Just take a deep breath in from your left nostrill. Hold it for 8 secs and release the breath for 12 seconds from your right nostrill. Do that for 10 times and you will feel more relaxed and centered.

Number three is to Focus on any object for about 5 minutes.

I remember Bruce Lee when he used to do this. He used to solely focus on one object at a time. You only have to look at an object with your eyes open and relaxed for 5 mins without blinking. If your eyes gets teary in the process, then let it be! Do that for 5 mins. And yeah, don’t be baffled if the object in front of you disappears in the course.

Number four is to meditate.

Well you can practice any of the forms of meditation. Mindfulness is the ideal one to practice. You can now meditate effectively as your mind is already in a calm state. Think of nothing. Meditation is not about thinking. It is about being.

So, after meditating. Just relax for a few moments or so, and get up and get set!

So guys, those were the steps which I learned from Eric Ho’s video. Try those steps and see it’s effects by yourself. That’s all from today. Thank You for being here. Peace.



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