When we think of something supernatural,

God is the first impression we get. We human beings have always believed in God’s existence since the beginning of life. We all considered that there’s some force beyond the human perception which is the source of all creation that exists. As time passed on, we human beings evolved which resulted in new inventions, innovations and rapid scientific progress.

As science and technology progressed, our minds became more rational and critical which led us to question about God’s existence. We humans began to only believe the things which can be seen or touched and disapproved and disbelieved the things which were out of the physical reality.

That is where many of us began to have a question, “If God exists, then why can’t we see him?” Here, we started to think God as some being like us who has a form and a personality. Many scientific experiments were conducted to find the evidence for God’s existence, but none of those resulted in any final verdict.

Amidst the rapid technological and scientific progress, human beings became more mechanical and materialistic that they forgot what their hearts said. Identity crisis is seen everywhere. People now recognize themselves with the things that they possess, the job that they have and money has been a primitive factor in determining one’s happiness.

Our hearts are fed with lies when they crave for the eternal truth.

So to know God, it is important to know ourselves first. To start with, ask yourself a question, Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I do what I do? What are these relationships that I have in life? What is the purpose? When you sit back and think about these questions, you would come up with an answer. Whatever your answer be, save it to yourself. And do not rush the process to get answer. Don’t get desperate to get the answer. It will spoil the process.

Once you get your answers, you should know who God is. First of, God is not any physical entity to be seen or touched. God is not any personality. Remember that certain things in life have to be felt and experienced other than analysing and criticizing. God is an experience. He is the creator and we are his creation. Over all, God is the source of all the energy in the universe. He is the eternal light of Truth and Love.

He made us human beings as the channel to experience life. Each and every human being have the right to connect with God. But to connect with God, you have to give up all the false identities that you believe you are and realize your true self that you are a Soul in this physical form to experience life. Realize and feel your true self and allow yourself to connect with the Universe (God).

Well this one is quite long topic to discuss with you all. I’ll be writing seperate articles in the future relavant to this deeper part of spirituality. So stay connected with SOULPOWER for more interesting articles.

That’s all from me today, Thank you for being here. Take care. Peace and Love.


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