Hello and welcome to all the readers. Today I am going to share with you some of the tried and tested ways to hack your brain for a boost of confidence. Confidence is the most attractive trait seen in both men and women. Those who get the tasks done with sheer conviction are seen as the confident leaders. So here are the top 9 ways to hack your mind for confidence.

1. Challenge yourself to do something out of the box, face your fears.

Many of the people in this world seem to fit into the norms and customs of the society which makes them less unique. They avoid the risks and play rather a safe game. So, try to do something new. Get curious about the things. If you are interested to share any new idea, do it with confidence. Don’t think of what people think of you, because people are not living your life. You live it. You got your free will to express yourself. So be brave and take risks to do the things out of the box. It will give you a boost of self confidence and courage.

2. Model those who are confident and brave.

Take note of the most confident people you have ever seen or come across. Ask yourself, “What made them standout”? Watch the way they speak to people, watch their dressing sense and above all try to see what qualities made them the persons they are. Modelling the most confident people would seem pretty different approach to some people who are reading this, but yeah practice it until you make it as a part of you. Overtime it will seem a lot natural for you to come up as a confident person.

3. Surround yourself with positive, encouraging and super confident people.

Research shows that you are the sum of the people with whom you spend most of your time. So choose your circle wisely. Associate with the people who have a positive and a growth mindset. Learn the good from them and cultivate it into your lifestyle.

4. Dress Sharp.

Just wear the right clothes which makes you feel confident. You don’t have to wear any big-brand or expensive clothes. Just wear the clothes which makes you feel comfortable. Make yourself look presentable.

5.Think positive.

In most of the previous articles, this suggestion has been common. Thinking positive will increase your self esteem and confidence levels. Try to think 5 positive thoughts for every negative thought you come across. Keep a journal for your thoughts if you feel. Note down the negative thoughts and kill it by replacing positive thoughts.

6. Make eye contact when you speak to people.

This body language hack is one of the key indicators when it comes to practicing Self confidence. When you make eye contact, you show people that you are present and interested. People perceive you as a confident person even if you don’t feel that you are confident at that time. But yeah, please be careful of this tip. Avoid staring into people’s eyes as you will come off as creepy and stupid.

7. Stand tall with a straight posture.

Most of the people these days suffer from having poor posture as an effect of spending most of their time on computers in their office. Practice exercising and back stretches to improve your posture. Standing tall with a straight posture will give you more confidence and surety about yourself. People would perceive you as a leader even if you are not.

8. Overcome doubts and self-limiting beliefs.

All of us have doubts, insecurities and self limiting beliefs imposed by the society, but we have choice to defeat them and be our better versions. We should always keep our faith stronger than the doubts which we have. If there’s any self limiting belief inside, challenge that belief by taking different action which weaken that limiting belief. For example: If you fear interacting with people, go out there and speak to the people whom you know and encourage rather than sitting down and blaming yourself for not having enough courage and boldness.

Each bold action will make you more confident about yourself.

9. Stop comparisons.

Don’t compare yourself to others when your aim is to become a confident person. You have your own unique way of living just like they have their own. Live your life and be grateful for the things that you have in your life rather than complaining and whining about others for having more opportunities than you. When you appreciate what you have, you will get more closer to have abundance in your life.

Above all that, Believe in yourself that you can. Believe that things will turn around, even when you are in the difficult situations. Believe that you are unique. Believe that you are worthy of all the greatness. It is all in the faith that you have in yourself which will give you authentic self-confidence.

Take actions and be active. Be patient, because confidence is not an act, it is a habit of the most successful persons.

That’s all from me today, Thank you for being here. Take care. Peace and Love.


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