Thoughts become your emotions, Emotions changes your beliefs, beliefs will form attitude, attitude will lead you to action, actions will construct habits, habits will reflect your personality and your personality will determine your destiny.

Thoughts are like waves in our minds.

Try to stop thinking for a while, what would be it’s result? You will end up creating another thought of not to think!

We cannot stop our thoughts and feelings just as we cannot stop the tides in the ocean. Our mind is like the ocean, and the thoughts, feelings are like the waves.

Many of the people get overwhelmed by negative and unwanted thoughts. So, why does that happen with them? Simple, they identify themselves with what they think! For example: Mr. A got a thought saying, “I am worthless and stupid” and Mr. A started to believe that, which is completely wrong.

Instead of believing that thought, another way is to detach from that thought. Rather than believing “I am worthless and stupid”. Mr. A chose to think, “I got a thought that I am worthless and stupid ” You see, although the difference may be subtle but over a period of time it helps you to recognize your thought patterns and makes you less reactive and anxious about your thoughts.

We have heard a quote saying, “What you think is what you become”.Many people believe that quote blindly without having a better understanding of that quote.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, if you think about something repeatedly, you will start to feel that thing. When you feel that thing, you start to believe that thing. When you have that belief you develop an attitude about that thing. When you have that attitude, you will be driven to take actions. When you take actions, it constructs habits. And these habits will make your personality and your personality will determine your destiny. You see, there are steps when it comes to manifesting your thoughts into reality. If you understood these steps, then you can start to apply these steps in your life as well and experience the outcomes.

Thoughts do not become reality unless you feed them your attention. So, the next time when you get any distracting/negative thought, take a moment to breath in and out, and let them go instead of dwelling on those thoughts. Bruce Lee once said that, “Focus on what you what instead of what you do not want”.

Learning to master your mind and thoughts doesn’t happen overnight guys. It needs practice. It takes time and the willingness to change, just like you put effort to the see changes physically.

So that’s all from me today, Thank you for being here. Take care. Peace and Love.


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