How often do you find yourself lost somewhere in thoughts throughout the day? Well, if you try to answer that, you would run out of counts.

In the digital world we all have developed the habit of spending most our time on our smartphones and video gaming.

Well, technology isn’t that bad, but let’s not get enslaved to those smartphones and video games.

To conserve the energy of our mind, one of the most effective ways proven by science is mindfulness.

Our brain’s emotional centre amygdala have been shown to shrink in brain scans as a result of practicing mindfulness.

Amygdala is a part of the brain located deep in the brain’s medial temporal lobe which deals with emotions, survival instincts, sexual impulses and forms part of the limbic system.

For every emotion we feel, amygdala is its registrar. All the emotions are generated and processed by this part of our brain.

So what does being mindful has to do with this? Well, when you become more mindful, your brain starts reprogramming your emotional patterns. Your alertness will increase and you will get more aware of your emotions and surroundings.

And when you get aware of your emotions, you can be its master by making conscious choice of how you want to feel. Emotions will just be visitors and you will be in charge of those feelings without getting overpowered by them.

Mindfulness is nothing but relaxation. It is calming down the noise in the head and simply being aware of the present moment.

So, now that you know about mindfulness, here are certain ways to practice it in your everyday life.

Practice being aware of what you do.

It may be as simple as drinking water or having the afternoon lunch. Instead of getting busy watching TV, Smartphones or conversations, start being aware of what you do. Notice how the food tastes, smells and eat your food mindfully without getting distracted.

In short, just be aware of what you do. Bring your awareness to your present moment instead of getting lost in your thoughts

Practice meditation.

Meditation is the most effective way to get in touch with yourself. Practicing meditation will make you more aware, present and will give you more power over your emotions. How to do this? If you are new to meditation, start by only 5 minutes a day.

• Sit down and relax. Close your eyes if you feel that you need to. Now, take a deep breath in and out. Take few deep breaths until you feel relaxed and centered.

• Now, the next step is to be aware of your physical sensations. Feel the sensations in your legs, arms, back and be in a relaxed state.

• Do not try to feel or create any thought. Just be there, at present.

• Remember that meditation is an effort to not put any effort. The next step is to get aware of your thoughts. Just let them flow. You have to be an observer of your thoughts. Watch over them instead of reacting.

• If those thoughts are good, enjoy and feel them and gently bring back your awareness at the present moment by just being aware of your breath. If they are distracting you from present moments, let them go.

• Let your mind wander. Observe your mind and just let those visuals play in front of your minds eye. Gently bring back your awareness to the present moment. Hear the sounds around you. Become aware of the surroundings. Relax for few moments until you feel the need to get up. And that’s it.

So guys, those are the certain ways to practice mindfulness. Why not give it a shot? Just give 5-10 mins of your day and see it’s effect on yourself. So, that’s all from me today, thank you for being here. Take care. Peace and Love.



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