One of the most fascinating and curious thing about psychic abilities is Telepathy. There is no convincing evidence as of now about the existence of telepathic abilities and it is considered as pseudoscience by scientists, yet one thing I reckon is that we cannot often rely on science and logical thinking to find out the truths of life. There’s something called emotion which is the energy in motion. And to tap into those telepathic abilities one has to keep their mind open.

Telepathy is the transmission of thoughts from one person’s mind to another without any known sensory channel or physical interaction.

So how can we use this to communicate?

Well, as I have mentioned above, you need to get in touch with your emotions first.

Emotions are the energy frequencies which can be transmitted. The best example I could give you of mental telepathy is an experience of telepathic connection between a guy and his friend.

Just a day before, a guy was texting on what’s app. He was thinking about his friend and was feeling grateful to have her in his life for the support she gave him throughout. On the other hand as soon as the guy transmitted that emotion, his friend who he was thinking about, almost immediately dropped a text! Well some of you might call that as a coincidence. But let me tell you another thing. This telepathic communication between him and his friend happened three times on the same day. Therefore I had to conclude that telepathy does exists although I was a little skeptical about it’s existence.

So guys, in order to make that telepathic connection, you first need to have closer understanding with the person to whom you want to communicate with telepathy. Next step is to imagine and feel that the person to whom you want to connect is already there.

And the last step is to communicate whatever you wanted.

The takeaway here is the E-motion guys. To communicate effectively through telepathy you need to feel first.

Surely give it a try. If you succeed in doing that, drop your comments below.

That’s all from today, Thank you for being here. Peace and Love.


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