When you truly appreciate what you have, life turns around magically. Your brain goes through major chemical changes which will make you will feel naturally happier and productive. We chase upon the things that we do not have and we become restless and cynical on the process. Instead of whinning and complaining about the things and people, take out few moments and thank those people, things and the relationships you have in your life.

Have a broader perspective about life. Be grateful for this opportunity you have got to live this life.

Guys, in this world, many people would be dreaming to have a life that we are living. When you get a broader vision and understanding of life, you will understand and realize how lucky we are.

Number one step to practice gratitude is to stop comparing and complaining.

Stop that comparison between you and your friends, peers and colleagues. They may have opportunities and the things you may not have right now, but that shouldn’t make you forget about the things and the opportunities you have got at present in your life. Jealousy and comparison is the antithesis of Gratitude.

Number two is to thank your friends and family. Take your few moments of the day to thank your friends and family. Do your friends a favour if you can and help your family members at home. This act will wash out all the negative blocks in your head and will keep you heart clear and pure. We often forget to thank our friends for the support they provide when in need. So reach them out, do them a favour if you can or atleast say Thank you for their presence in your life. This simple act will improve your friendship and relationships with your family by a huge mile.

Number three is to practice kindness. Go out there and help someone in need. Kindness is never out of fashion. Kindness is another form of expressing and experiencing gratitude. There’s nothing as royal as being kind and humble.

Number four is to commune with mother nature. That’s right. Just step out of your house and go out and spend some time in nature. Take a walk in the park. It is a great way to practice gratitude to nature.

The more time you spend outside instead of being cooped up inside your home, the more grateful you will feel.

Number 5 is to give your friend a thoughtful gift just because. Giving a gift is a great way of gratitude. You don’t have to wait for your friend’s birthday to give her a gift if you really want her to know how much she means to you. If you see a cute picture frame at a craft fair, stick a picture of you two in it and give it to her; if you see the perfect accessory for your friend, pick up it and hand it to her in a small gift bag. It’s not the price that counts—it’s the thought.

Getting in a habit of giving gifts to your friends just because you thought of them and want them to feel special is a great way to be a more grateful person.

So guys, make gratitude a daily habit and I hope you too experience the feeling of gratitude as I feel now. Start by small, you will end up with something big. That’s all from me today. Thank you for reading. Peace and Love.



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