The next generation we often talk about depends upon the parents role in their children’s lives. Children are the form of the purest consciousness. Innocence is their natural habitat. Love is their vibration. Children are unique in their way.

The duty of parents is to nourish them with love, affection and build their personality in a way that they become ideal citizens of the future generation.

Parents play a very significant role in their child’s overall development. Right from the tender age of 4, the child begins to observe the parents as role model. The way the father behaves and speaks, the way the mother cares about the child, leaves an impression on a child’s mind.

Whatever the parents do, the child records those into the mind and over time those recordings start to manifest in a child’s behaviour. For example, if a parent often compares his child with other, the child develops overly competitive mindset and will develop insecure attitude as he grows as an adult. On the other hand, if a parent treats his child with love, the child develops self respect and grows as a person with balanced mindset with a compassionate heart.

It has to be noted that a child’s brain is at a preconscious state till the age of 14-18 years. This is the time when they lack judgement between the right and the wrong. If the child gets influenced with positivity and Love, then the child would eventually grow up as a great person with great values in life. Negative influences would possibly destroy a child and takeaway his childhood.

Parents should spend their time with their children and encourage them towards personal growth with unconditional love. Parents should make time for their children instead of spending loads of money on providing them video games and letting them in creches.

Self awareness is the key here. If the parents are self aware about their role in their children’s life, there will be a better understanding and connection between the parents and children.

So get in touch with your inner child so that you can make the children’s lives a better one. That’s all from me today. Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.


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