When we repeat an action over a period of time, it gets more ingrained into our Habitual brain and there will be a time when we don’t even have to think about doing that action.

Habits are everything. From an early age of 6, we start to cultivate habits which gets ingrained into our brains as we grow up.

For example: Applauding at the end of the concert, Spitting the hot water immediately to avoid mouth burns and avoiding dangerous situations are some examples of Good habits. Whereas, criticizing yourself after a poor performance, getting addicted to drinks/smoking are bad habits.

Our habits are stored in our Habitual brain which is always on an automatic mode. The habitual mind is emotional. The conscious mind on the other hand deals with Analytical thinking, rationality, decision making and is critical by nature.

95% of what you do is habitual. For example, when you have the experience of driving a car, you don’t even have to think about how to drive. You can drive your car on one hand and on the other, you can plan your day and think about different things.

You see, that’s how influential our habitual mind is!

So, if you want to break a bad habit, first of all, identify what triggers that particular habit.

Step number two is to detach and observe its negative impact on your life.

Step number three is to decide and replace that old habit with a new one.

You cannot erase that bad habit but
you can break that habit and replace it with a new one. For example: There was a person who used to smoke cigarettes from a long time. When he got aware about his health, he realized the negative impacts of that habit and started to practice the new action of chewing gum when he got the urge to smoke cigarettes. Over a period of time, the old habit of smoking was replaced with the new habit of chewing gum. Our brains are not hardwired. They can be rewritten with consistency. The old neurons will be there to trigger the old habits, but if you build new habits, new neurons will be fired together and they will be wired together as habits with your repitition of new actions.

Any action with repetition and consistency will become a part of you over a period of time. And the key takeaway is, you can apply this rule to build any good habit you want to. Research says that it takes 66 days for the the brain to register any new habit. I would like to give my example of breaking a habit and replacing it with a new one guys.

I was a very shy guy in my college days. When I used to speak to people I always waited for the conversation to end. But one day, I got the awareness that such shy behavior would prove to be unhelpful and I realized its future consequences. That’s the time when I made a conscious decision to change this attitude and started to speak to people as a confident person would do. At first, it all seemed to me like I was faking something. But over a period of time, I spoke to people with ease and confidence became more natural and effortless. PRACTICE TILL YOU MAKE IT!

You see, everything in life are the results of the choices we make. So if you choose to be greater and successful, no one can stop you. We all have the gift called MIND. So lets use it to build ourselves for the highest good of everyone involved in our lives. That’s all from me today. Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.


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