When one starts practicing spirituality, meditation becomes a part of their daily lives.

As we know there are different spiritual organizations who practice and teach different forms of meditation and have their own unique philosophies.

As for today, I introduce you all to a form of meditation which is indeed unique in its way and practice.

First of, What is Yoga? What’s the first idea we get when we hear the word Yoga?

Many would provide a different answer based on their perception. Many would consider Yoga as certain physical activity or an exercise to enhance the physical and mental health.

But, in its true sense, Yoga is the connection, it is the relationship between the self and the universe. Yoga is the oneness with the universal consciousness.

So, now that we know the true meaning of Yoga, it would be a little easier to understand and learn the Raja-Yoga meditation.

Raja-Yoga is a form of meditation taught at the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. The Brahma Kumaris as of now have 100s of centres across 138 countries of the world, helping the souls to know the truth and awaken themselves to their fullest potential by helping them to learn the art of Raja-Yoga meditation.

So lets get into the theme of this article.

As we know, Raja-Yoga is the connection between the Soul and the Supreme Being.(The Universe).

When we give up all the false identities, beliefs and perceptions, what remains is nothingness and a big zero. That zero is where everything begins. The more we detach ourselves from limiting beliefs and false identities, the more we come closer to know and experience the Truth of God’s existence and our relationship with him.

When we learn Raja-Yoga, we are made aware that we are souls, distinct from this body. We are taught that the soul have functioning parts namely,

The Mind

The Intellect and The Sanskars.(Habits)

Firstly, the mind is the part of a soul where the thoughts are generated. The mind is considered as a machine which constantly is at a process of creating thoughts and feelings. The mind doesn’t differentiate between the good, bad and waste thoughts. Its nature is to flow.

The Intellect is the part of the soul which is the inner conscience. The Intellect is the judge. It has the capacity to see through good bad and waste thoughts. The Intellect directs the mind’s flow of thoughts. Without intellect, a person would constantly find himself dominated by mind and would not have any control over emotions.

So, with the Raja-Yoga meditation, the soul establishes a relationship with the Supreme Soul and gets the guidance and insights from the universe to control the mind by strengthening the intellect with divine intelligence.

When a soul acts mindfully, it forms sanskars i.e., the habits. These sanskars create personality and the personality determines the destiny.

So guys, give Raja-Yoga meditation a try and allow yourself to see its fascinating effects on your lives. Thats all from me today. Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.


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