We all get ourselves involved in the work we do throughout the day. When we are in the process of completing the tasks assigned, we are working on both mental and physical levels of our being. At the end of the day, we find ourselves exhausted and tired.

So, what happens here is, when we get ourselves involved to do something, we are putting our mental and physical efforts to get the tasks completed.

And as a result, there is a loss of mental and physical energy and lack of motivation and determination.

So, here comes the question. How can we rejuvenate ourselves? How can we get back the energy at optimal levels?

Before getting into the answer, I would like to give an example of an actor who is all set to perform on the screen. An actor would prefer to stay alone at silence before putting a performance on the stage. Why would he do that? Well, pretty simple. To clear the clutter in his mind and to tap into the creative part of the mind. And after doing that activity, he is capable of putting an incredible show to his audience.

So what just happened here was, the conscious or more precisely, the rational mind went into silence and the Subconscious mind began to work.

That is where creativity flows. Silence is where creation begins.

When we look at the world’s most renowned scientists like Albert Einstein, Nicolas Tesla and Newton, we learn that the ground-breaking ideas they got was from the power of practicing silence.

The challenge here is to silence the noise inside the mind, for the intuition and deeper wisdom to speak through you.

So guys, take a few moments from your day and tune into that power of silence and let magic happen. Thats all from me today. Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.


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