Our mind is the most powerful tool gifted by the universe to us. To harness its powers, we have to first understand the way it works. Once we find out the way to access its full potential, concentration will seem a lot easier.
If we see carefully, our minds are like a river stream where thoughts and feelings flow. These thoughts are merely thoughts initially, until we pay attention or shift our focus towards them.

Some of you may have heard of a quote saying, “What you think is what you become”. Alright. That is partially true. But the key thing here is the focus. It is the attention you give to your thoughts, by which those thoughts transform into emotions and things start to manifest in your reality. And to remind you, emotions are nothing but ENERGY IN MOTION.
It’s worth looking at the Buddhist tradition regarding on how our minds work. Awareness and mind are two different things. Think of awareness as a Ball of light which flows wherever you want it to go. This ball of light(Awareness) can radiate in different parts of your mind. For example, if you get aware about the relationships you have, your focus will be on the persons and the relationship you maintain with them. If you get aware of your career, your attention or the focus will be on pursuing higher education and seeking lucrative jobs. That is how you concentrate.

Concentration is not putting efforts to get rid of distractions. It is an art of maintaining your attention/focus on one thing at a time. Concentration is a habit formed as a result of consistent practice.
I would like to give you an example regarding concentration. When we look at our daily lives, we often find ourselves doing the things which are more likely to distract us than developing focus. We know that smartphones are one of the distractions, yet we check our phones multiple times a day. Here, we have practiced the habit of getting distracted by getting enslaved to our smartphones instead of using it for our benefits.

So, what do we learn from that? Very simple. If getting distracted is a habit, then why not we break that habit and build a new habit of focusing on one thing at a time.
Life is the manifestation of where our focus flows. Focus is the fuel to manifest things. It is an energy and its nature is to flow.

Here are the 5 ways to increase your concentration power.
#1. Be mindful of what you do.
We have to stay at present in order to increase our productivity and concentration power. When you do any activity, be mindful of that activity. Don’t get distracted and get lost in thoughts. Be aware of what you are doing. This simple practice, over a period of time will increase your attention span and concentration power.

#2. Do one task at a time.
Avoid getting yourself into multitasking. It will only make you distracted and will lessen your productivity and your mind’s thinking capacity. Do one thing at a time with your complete focus on that one task.

#3. Limit the use of smartphones.
Smartphones were meant to help us. But in today’s world, most of us have become enslaved to overuse these smartphones. Yes, surely smartphones are beneficial but do not get addicted to it. Another tip is avoid checking your smartphones before your goodnight sleep. Instead, think of what you did throughout your day and reflect your thoughts.

#4. Play Sports.
Go out there and spend some time on playing your favourite sport. Playing sports will relieve you from physical and mental stress and will boost your endorphins(Relaxation chemical released in brain) to help you relax. And when you are relaxed, your concentration power gets a boost. I often go out to play football to unplug and relax.

#5. Meditation.
If you are one of those who have read my previous articles, then you would have perhaps anticipated this suggestion. Meditation will clear the clutter in your mind, will relax you, will help you get in touch with yourself and will have many other benefits. If you are new to meditation, start practicing it by 5 minutes and gradually increase your span of time.

So guys, lets all learn to liberate ourselves from distractions and focus on things which enhances our concentration power and the quality of life.
Thats all from me for today. Thanks lfor reading. Peace and Love.



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