Want to feel powerful and confident? Well, then I have got something valuable for you guys to read and try the hacks in your everyday lives.

The world we live in, recognizes those who radiate confidence and certaintity as valuable and trustworthy. Whether they work in a small business or are employees in companies, projecting self confidence always makes them standout and takes them to greater heights and resources.

So lets get into the theme of this article guys.

Here are the 7 Ways through which you can build your confidence.

#1. Practice Positive Self-Talks and affirmations.

The way you talk to yourself is very important when it comes to building self-esteem and confidence. Positive Self talks will motivate you to get things done.

Neuroscientific research backs up the fascinating benefits of practicing positive self talk sessions. Our brains are not hardwired. They can be rewired through consistent practice of positive thinking and doing things we love.

Affirmations are positive sentences which you repeat to yourself overtime to increase your self esteem and confidence.

Examples of positive affirmations are,

” I am powerful, self assured and confident enough to take risks and thrive”.

Another example is, “I am unbreakable like a rock. I radiate high self confidence”.

So, these are some examples of positive affirmations which would help you on a long run.

#2. Use Strong Body Language.

Well, this is one of the key things when it comes to feel confident and powerful.

Recent studies at Harvard University has shown remarkable changes in individual mindset by adopting powerful body language and postures. The participants were asked to strike power poses for 2 minutes and the results were pretty exciting. By adopting power poses for a mere 2 minutes, the participants actually felt more powerful and confident. The cortisol levels(Chemical related to stress and anxiety) dramatically reduced by 25% and the hormone testosterone(Chemical related to physical strength and confidence) got a staggering 30% boost. Our body language literally shapes who we are!

#3. Challenge yourself to get better than you were the previous day.

In other words, work on yourself to get better. Always keep working on yourself to be your best version.

Self improvement is the key factor to succeed. Keep learning, keep growing and yes, motivate and inspire others to grow and learn as well. Accept your flaws. Play your strengths. Be kind and compassionate.

#4. Appreciate what you have.

Practice gratitude in your everyday life. Be thankful for even the little things which helped you in your way. Be grateful for the people you have in your life as your friends, mentors and ofcourse family.

When you truly appreciate what you have, you will naturally open up to new and greater things, ideas and opportunities.

Research shows that having the attitude of gratitude rewires our brain to form new neural pathways to feel positive and makes us more productive and confident.

#5. List out your fears and take actions on overcoming them.

Our fears should never dominate us. In order to beat the fears, we must first accept them. Accept that fear exists. It is normal to feel fear. Do not avoid and suppress it. Let fear be there. Detach and observe that fear and take action. If you fear social interaction, then don’t sit back at home feeling low. Go out there, introduce yourself and meet new people. Do what makes you fear the most, but do not be reckless. Remember, everything great starts from a scratch. So be brave and conquer your fears.

#6. Surround yourself with those who encourage and inspire you to be better.

Its obvious that when you spend time with powerful people, you will naturally feel and be powerful. We are the by-product of the people we assosciate with. If you associate yourself with positive and loving people, you will become positive and loving. So hangout with those who make you learn and grow.

#7. Be Yourself.

Being authentic is beautiful. Stay true to your values. Walk at your own path. You don’t need any validation from the world to make you feel good. You are good enough. You are worthy. You are capable. You are unique. Never imitate to please others. Believe in Yourself. It is the key to unbreakable confidence.

So guys, those are the 7 steps by which you can start building your confidence.

That’s all from me today, thanks for reading. Peace and Love.


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