The mind is a limitless realm where every data of your life is stored in-built.

Your Beliefs, Your data about your family members, Your opinions on religious perceptions, Your day to day habits, EVERYTHING. Your mind has incredibly vast amount of data sorted and stored inside.

If you read the previous article, MIND MAGIC AND MASTERY you would get insights about our mind’s way of working.

So today, I am going to share with you certain mind blowing facts and awe-inspiring ideas about our Super-conscious Mind. Yes, you read it right over there. We all or if not all, some of you might have heard or read somewhere about the Conscious and the Subconscious mind.

For those who are new to this, I will summarize it in short.

First of, Your conscious mind is the one which is related to logical thinking patterns, analytical, critical and short-term thinking.

Your conscious mind is just 5% of who you are!

So, here comes the question… If your conscious mind’s capacity is only 5% then where does your 95% get invested in?

It’s all in that Sleeping giant Subconscious mind which keeps you alive, which keeps you running throughout your life, which shapes your beliefs, Your way of thinking, Your emotional triggers and reactions, Your actions, Your interactions with the people, Your opinions on different aspects or matters.

To keep it short and simple, Your subconscious mind is what you do repeatedly on a routine basis.

To get the idea of how your Subconscious mind works, I would like to give an example of a Football Player who is at beginner level.

It is his first day of training, and he is aked to Dribble the ball. Day one, The player would struggle to have any control over the ball since he is new to football. Day two, the player learns by watching his peers and coaches and tries to do the same. This time he dribbles the ball and has a little better control than it was at Day one. Day 3, the player now repeats the same thing what he did on day two, I.e., he dribbles the ball with a little comfort.

And over a period of 7 days the player would dribble effortlessly. He wouldn’t even have to think about how to Dribble the ball. It just flows. He has mastered the form and he is going with the flow.

You see, thats how the Subconscious mind works. Repetition is the key. The more you repeat an action, the more likely the Subconscious cultivates a new habit.

This mechanism can also apply towards our way of thinking as well. If you think that, You are a Happy person, at first it may seem delusional and your mind perhaps won’t accept that thought. But on constant repitition your mind will slowly make a seamless transition towards positive thinking patterns.

So, now that you know about Conscious and Subconscious mind, I will let you know about the Incredible Powers of Our Super-conscious Mind which is also called as The Divine intelligence in mainstream spiritualism.

We know that our Subconscious mind stores the data about our perceived selves, our ideas, our beliefs and our thought patterns. So, when you momentarily disable all these data from your mind, You are left ZERO. It’s nothingness. It’s the truth. It’s the light. It’s where you, me and all of us arise from. It’s the most wonderful state to be in. It’s total bliss.

And, that is, when you get yourself aligned with the Super-consciousness. That is when one becomes open to the universal insights and intuition. It is the creative expression of one’s self.

To harness this impeccable power of Superconsciousness, there is a Process.

The process is astonishingly simple.

Meditation.Take 5-10 deep breaths. Each time you exhale, exhale it as if you are set free from all the burden or weights. Feel that lightness within your body and mind.

Try not to make any effort to focus. Meditation is not about putting efforts. It is an effort to make no effort. It is total relaxation.

The first step of meditation is to let your mind wander. Let it wander. You be the observer. Overtime your mind will reach a state of Nothingness, and that is the time when the divine intelligence connects with you. The challenge is silencing the mind.

So that’s it from me today folks. I am looking forward to help you guys out there regarding these fascinating things. So stay tuned. Meditate. Relax. Be Happy. Peace and Love.



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