Throughout the journey of life, there were times when we felt Joyful and on top of the world. The reason for that Happiness would be quite different varying on individuals. So, what happens when we tap into that feels of Happiness? Or more specifically, what does that feeling of being happy bring in one’s mindset?

When one is happier, his/her productivity naturally increases. Truly happy people do not procrastinate. They do not wait for things to happen. They go out there, and make things happen. They take responsibilities for their life and enjoy it.

They are the ones who help the people around them to learn and grow. Happy people seldom blame others for failures. They know that failure and success are the two faces of a coin.

So now that we know the traits of a Happy person, I would love to share with you the hacks to tap into that feeling of Joy and Happiness.

#1. Practice Gratitude.

Be grateful for all the little things that you have got in your life. We often chase upon the things that we do not have and forget the great things, relationships we have at present in our lives. We should remember that Happiness is not in things or people. It is inside us. It was who we are at the core of our being. Happiness is the way of living. So lets appreciate and thank the universe for all the good things, people and relationships. And one more fact about practicing gratitude is, that it slowly shifts your thinking towards more positive ones and restructures your brain. NEUROPLASTICITY literally.

#2. Practice positive self-talk.

Oh yeah, you read that clear. Most people would find it a little uncomfortable to do this at first. But yes, the way you talk to your inner self will determine who you will be in the future. To find motivation, motivate yourself, practice encouraging yourself like a best friend does to his significant other. And most importantly, never use self defeating language, never be your own critique. The world is already full of critics. Be an encourager.

#3. Find time for your passion.

Or more specifically, Do what you love. Do what makes you mindful, present and gives you a reason to smile. Passion is the fuel for life. When you do something with passion, the intensity is immense. When you do something with passion, it won’t make you feel as if you are working and putting all the efforts. It will make you feel more alive and it won’t feel like an effort. For example, for some people article writing may be cumbersome. But for me, although I am a newbie its giving me a sense of purpose, joy and pleasure.

#4. Meditate.

Those who would have read my previous articles, already would have anticipated this suggestion coming. Well you folks got a sixth sense, don’t you?

Time and time again, neuroscientific research has shown remarkable changes in ones individual brain as an effect of practicing meditation. Meditation allows you to open your mind with that of the universe and thereby giving you the access to unlimited energy, ideas and creativity. Meditation benefits includes, decrease in stress, negative thinking and progress in mental and physical health.

So guys, please do not just take it for words. Try to apply atleast one of the activities I’ve mentioned above in this article. Take action, see the changes and live and dominate your life.

That’s all from me today. Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.


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