We all came across times when we felt low, self-sabotaged, lacked in confidence and were guilty about things from the past.

When we feel low in confidence, we try to give it a meaning by labelling ourselves inside our heads like, ” I can’t achieve these things” “I’m useless” and much more thoughts like these which drains the life out of our mind’s incredible thinking and creative capabilities. This negative programming leads us to living a unproductive and dissatisfied life. They also form subconscious blockages which will hinder us from going further in our lives.

Many of us would now have a question arising from within, ” Can we control our mind”? “Can we change the way we feel and interact with others”?

Well, before jumping into the answers, first of, think and imagine in your mind on How a river would look like? Observe the water stream flowing.

Now, you see the water just flows without any control over it. It just flows towards its destination.

Our minds too tend to work in a very similar way folks. We often get caught up in our heads and get anxious when negative thoughts and feelings pop up.

How about thinking of yourself as a passer by or an observer who is just sitting at the bank of the river? All you gotta do is to observe your own mind and its thoughts. Sit back and Relax. Just watch it as thoughts. Don’t judge, don’t be your own critic.

You are not your thoughts. You are not your mind. You are beyond the very concept of Mind. Hey, I am not here asking you to get my word. My point is when you practice these, you will have your own unique experience and bliss and unconditional happiness will flow through your heart.

Where our focus flows, energy flows.

Guide your thoughts and feelings towards the things that you want to manifest in your life. Focus on what you want out of life. Yes, we surely cannot control our mind or suppress it, but we can give it a right direction to flow and change our neural pathways to think positive and productive thoughts.

I would love to to share with you guys some of the exercises through which you can tap into your mind’s vast and limitless realms.

The very first and my favourite one is Mindfulness meditation. By practicing mindfulness you will start becoming more aware and present. You will start to loosen the past happenings of you life and will feel more relaxed of your future. You will learn to live in HERE and NOW. You will become more aware of your surroundings and your own thinking and emotional patterns.

Second one, practicing Raja-yoga meditation. For this particular meditation, I will be writing a separate article in the coming days.

The third one will fascinate most of you out there reading this article.

Walking daily has shown significant change in a person’s physiological and emotional health as it reduces the amount of cortisol(A chemical related to stress and anxiety) and boosts the production of Dopamine and Endorphins in your mind and body. Dopamine and Endorphins and the chemicals related to the feelings of Pleasure, Happiness, Confidence, Relaxation and overall well being.

Also, research shows that people who take regular walks in fresh air tend to have lower chances of getting into depression. So, what are you waiting for?

Just put on you Shoes, step out into the fresh air and take a stroll.

So, that’s all from me in this article folks.

I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks. Peace and Love.


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