Effective thinking leads to efficient life.

Remember the times of childhood? We were all taught of to how to speak, how to sit and stand, how to behave and react. All of these are absolutely helpful teachings of course. But there was one thing which was missing here. Guess what? Its effective thinking. We were not taught of how to think!

Well, thinking effectively itself is an art. If we take a look at successful people, they have one thing in common, that is effective thinking. Success itself is a mindset. Success is a byproduct of effective and realistic thinking combined with dedicated actions. Our thoughts create the reality. So mastering the art of realistic and effective thinking manifests wonders in life.

How to think effectively then? Firstly we have to think about our thinking. Meta-cognition is the thing which I am referring to. You need to get aware of your thinking first in order to steer your thoughts towards the direction that you want. Be the observer of your thinking and check its realistic impact on your life. Ask yourself, “Are these thoughts helping me to reach my destination”? “Are these thoughts rational”?

If the answer is no, then release these thoughts because there is no reason to hold on to thoughts which hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Let go, and reframe your thoughts.

Mindfulness practice is very essential to reframe your thinking. You can change your thinking only when you are aware of what you think and feel. So make mindfulness practice a part. Focus on what’s happening now.

Study successful people. Dont only study them, but try to apply the principles which helped them to reach their goals. Take one step at a time.

So all the best on the journey. Master the art of effective thinking and let me know your progress! Thanks for being here, take care. Namaste.



There are numerous benefits of training in martial arts. I remember the times when I used to get trained in Karate by my Honorable Sensei Johnson when I was around 16 years old. I was very deeply interested to learn martial arts.

During those times in Karate class, the training over there used to be relentless and highly disciplined.

At the initial stages of learning Karate, my level of focus wasn’t so good. I used to get distracted easily. But as time passed, the practice of Karate made me from being a disorganized guy to a disciplined and orgazined person. From being distracted easily to being laser-like focused and from being physically and mentally average to being strong like a rock physically and to being mentally unbreakable.

Karate increased my self confidence and self awareness as well.

So, here are the benefits proven by the practice of martial arts.

1. Self-discipline.

The key fundamental aspect of martial arts is being disciplined. Martial arts encourages you to organize your lifestyle in way that keeps you disciplined and motivated.

At the Karate Dojos, the masters mainly emphasize on self discipline and impart them into their disciples.

To be successful in any area of life, it is important to be disciplined. Without discipline there is no clarity and surety.

Practicing any martial arts would surely make you organize yourself mentally, physically and spiritually as well.

2. Efficient physical and mental health.

The practice of martial arts involves rigorous training procedures which results in having high stamina, great physical health and also mental clarity in the practitioners.

One of the greatest benefits I’ve reaped by the practice of Karate is staying focused and clear thinking. The practice of Karate requires focus and it increases cognitive functioning.

3. Increases self-confidence.

Well, exercises are always shown to have great benefits on the individual’s self confidence. The practice of any form of martial arts makes you involve physically, mentally and spiritually and thereby increases your levels of self confidence overall.

By the practice of Karate, I gained massive self confidence and conviction.

The practice of Karate literally changed me from being a average guy to a supremely confident individual.

One of the key factors for being self confident are the challenges we face. Without challenges there is no growth and without growth there is no confidence.

Martial arts is a challenge for you to break past your old habits and build the new habits.

4. Makes us aware about the traditional values of respect, Honor and integrity.

Well, if you consider martial arts which only focuses on competitive intent then it would not teach you values. Ofcourse you would gain the benefits I’ve mentioned above in this article, but if you truly want to practice martial arts at its purest form, then you better find Karate or Shaolin Kung-Fu.

For me, Karate practice was the key to develop as a person from inside out.

The practice of respect, Honor and integrity became my core beliefs.

So guys, those are the benefits anyone can have by the practice of any form of martial arts. By the way, if anyone is interested to learn martial arts then feel free to contact me. I will make seperate videos if anyone is interested in learning Karate.That’s all from me today. Thank you for being here. Take care. Namastey.