When we talk about reforms, one thing which pops up in mind is about the current education system. Education system needs a real change.

Our education system is creating money minded individuals. Money, wealth and fame has become the centre of focus in today’s education system. A student is made to think of how to get a good paying job, not how to be a good person for the society and nature. Intelligence is measured through grades here. Education only focuses on theoretical aspect, not on the practical ones. When the student graduates, he sees an entirely different world, where there is only one thing which is in everyone’s mind, that is competition. Money and fame is chased after in today’s world. Well, money is indeed a need to meet day to day affairs of life. But that’s not the only point here. We are training individuals to fit in to the corporate world but there is no concern about building values and character in an individual. Value education and self education must also be the part of the education system for the betterment of the nation. A society without good values is a society for nothing. There is very less encouragement seen for creative minded individuals in the current system. Often the creative and talented individuals are found having very low profile life where their survival itself is hard. The lack of self-education is causing individuals to live a limiting life with limiting beliefs and is leading to serious mental health problems like depression, anxiety and hyper tension. Self-education, value education and spirituality is need of the hour. Without the introduction of spirituality, a society is indeed handicapped. There is no spirit in society without spirituality. Let’s get into the facts now:

More than 17% of the world population are now suffering through serious mental health issues like depression, anxiety, hyper tension and other disorders. Surprisingly they are the same individuals who have good paying jobs, yet they have no contentment in life. They earn money for nothing. What’s the point of earning money which cannot be utilized for a good purpose. The same earned money is used later on their health. Money is a need, but the real problem happens when it becomes a want. The society only is focused on the people who are rich, wealthy and famous. Being rich, wealthy and famous has become the very definition of success in today’s society. It is of course a very limiting definition of success. Success is inclusive of many other progressions. Spiritual progression is also a success. Creating something for the betterment of environment is also a success. Learning and mastering something new is also a success. Living a happy and healthy life is also an indicator of success. Helping and lifting up others is also success.

The current employment system focuses on those individuals who can fit in to their requirements. Those who have different innovative ideas and have different choice as profession are seen to have very low profile in the society’s system. These individuals have to work their way from a scratch till the top hierarchy, without any strong support. The society needs to open up and accept the individuals with different paths and talents. For example, if someone is passionate about arts and literature, his passion should be fueled with right education in that particular field. Only then the problem of unemployment will resolve. If a person cannot fit in and find a job then he shouldn’t be made to feel discouraged. Instead the system should give hope to the individual’s talents. New ideas and innovation will not only create employment but also help in overall progress of a nation through the way of employment creation. The education system should encourage creativity and abstract thinking as well. Only imposing the existing knowledge isn’t enough. Education should create open mindedness in an individual. When the society is open to new things and ideas, only then this nation will get into a new age. A new Bharat is entirely possible with acceptance of new ideas. On the basis of one religion, that is humanity alone, Akhand Bharat is possible. Nationalism should be our religion. Progress should be the way of life in every individual. Individuals with different talents should be the face of Bharat. That is the real unity in diversity.

Inclusion of Value education should be made compulsory. Along with existing subjects, there should also be a subject for human values and ethics.

Jai Akhand Bharat!



Effective thinking leads to efficient life.

Remember the times of childhood? We were all taught of to how to speak, how to sit and stand, how to behave and react. All of these are absolutely helpful teachings of course. But there was one thing which was missing here. Guess what? Its effective thinking. We were not taught of how to think!

Well, thinking effectively itself is an art. If we take a look at successful people, they have one thing in common, that is effective thinking. Success itself is a mindset. Success is a byproduct of effective and realistic thinking combined with dedicated actions. Our thoughts create the reality. So mastering the art of realistic and effective thinking manifests wonders in life.

How to think effectively then? Firstly we have to think about our thinking. Meta-cognition is the thing which I am referring to. You need to get aware of your thinking first in order to steer your thoughts towards the direction that you want. Be the observer of your thinking and check its realistic impact on your life. Ask yourself, “Are these thoughts helping me to reach my destination”? “Are these thoughts rational”?

If the answer is no, then release these thoughts because there is no reason to hold on to thoughts which hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Let go, and reframe your thoughts.

Mindfulness practice is very essential to reframe your thinking. You can change your thinking only when you are aware of what you think and feel. So make mindfulness practice a part. Focus on what’s happening now.

Study successful people. Dont only study them, but try to apply the principles which helped them to reach their goals. Take one step at a time.

So all the best on the journey. Master the art of effective thinking and let me know your progress! Thanks for being here, take care. Namaste.