I am sure that there may have been times in your lives where you were feeling stuck somewhere, thinking about the past or ruminating about the future. Our school education stressed on teaching us how to behave and react, but none of those taught us on how to think properly.

During the moments of thinking of the past or future, we are actually losing the MOMENTS. What exactly happens there is that we think about something which cannot be changed (the past) or ruminate about something which has not yet happened(the future). Amidst of thinking about these things, we lose the present moments of life. “What if? It should have been that way”, are some of the examples of past thinking and thinking of the future. And I tell you what, those thoughts are of no use. To live a stress free life, it is important to know the effect of thoughts on your lifestyle.

When you know its effects and accept those thoughts, you come a step close to change your thoughts. So how to change thoughts? Pretty simple. Write down of what your ideal version would feel like. Who do you want to be? What is it that which makes your life better? What can you do to improve your quality of life? What are your core values? Are your habits serving you?

These are some of the questions which can help you gain more clarity in life and are influential in changing the way you think.

Another tip I would like to give you here is to make a habit of practicing daily thankfulness. This practice is simple, yet very very powerful technique to improve the quality of your life. To start with, write down the things that you are thankful for. It may be the material things that you have, it may be the friendships you made, the relationships you built, the family and maybe anything. It may also be as simple as your life. Having an attitude of gratitude will make a paradigm shift in your consciousness. When you appreciate what you have and when you live in the present moments, you are actually opening up to greater possibilities. What you want will be given to you only when you are thankful for what you have first.

So live the present moments of life with gratitude.

The last tip I can give you is meditation.

Meditation is very very simple. All you have to do is to breathe and let go. Just sit back comfortably on your chair or couch or anywhere you feel. Observe your breath. Allow yourself to relax. Thoughts may arise, just be it’s spectator and let them free. Start with a minimum of 5 minutes a day if you are a beginner. This simple practice of meditation will take your game of life to a whole new level.

So that’s from me today, thankyou for being here. Ciao!



The question which would run in our mind is, “Why do we do what we do?”
When you get this question in your mind, you are actually questioning your habits which you may have developed right from the early childhood days.

Habits are formed by the repitition of same actions over a period of time.
Habits can either build or can destroy the person. Don’t think of habits as something which is only physical. It can also be psychological, like the habit of overthinking, procrastinating, ruminating over the future, thinking of the past and overgeneralizing. If you notice the most successful people throughout the world, you would see that it is their habits they formed which made them who they are today.

So where do habits come from? Habits actually come from thought. Thought is the root. Thoughts transform into emotions when you feed them your attention. Emotions forms beliefs. Beliefs will give you a perspective and perception about the reality. Perceptions develop attitude. Your attitude will determine the actions. Your actions will become habits when you stick with it. Your habits will shape your personality, your character. Your personality shapes your destiny.

So what is success? Success is the by-product of great habits. When you make a habit of succeeding at everything you do, success will be natural to you.

Let’s take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo always wanted to be the best player in the world. So what he did was, he made training and hardwork his habit. He made fitness habits and hard work was his routine. He organized and designed his lifestyle in a way that it would help him to accomplish his goals. He still has those habits and that is why he is, where he is today. That is what made him Cristiano Ronaldo that we know today.

Another example is of practicing thankfulness. I didn’t have an attitude of gratitude towards life in the past. So what I did at that time was, I started to maintain a gratitude journal where I would think and write of the things that I am grateful for. At the initial days, it seemed like I was faking gratitude, but I kept doing this until eventually, when gratitude became a part of me. You see, that is another example of habit and it’s influence on our life.

Research states that it takes 21 to 49 days for our mind to register a new habit. So, if you are doing somethimg new, do it until it becomes a part of who you are.

Know the impact of habits on your life and form habits which would help you to be your best version.

So stay motivated, thankyou for being here, Namastey.


Remember the times when you were a kid? At that point of time, as children we were told what to do and what we should not. How to behave, whom to trust and whom we should not. All of a sudden, a certain authoritative person tells you what life is and what life is not. Doesn’t that sound crazy. He is literally programming your mind with his perception of reality. And guess what, you get influenced by that person and start to believe what all said is true over there.

Well, that is how the society, the world works. We are all the by products of the people we get influenced by. Whether you like it or not, it is a fact that most of us have developed a certain way of perceiving our reality as per the information which has been fed by the medias, the politicians, the social media, the educational institutes, the top CEOs.

That is how powerful the perception is.

If you can control the information which goes out to the people, you already have influenced their minds. That is how mind manipulation happens. And I tell you how this works. Repitition. The mind gets influenced by the repeated patterns.

The more that information is repeated, the more likely you are to get influenced by it.

Why not use this piece of information for the betterment of the world instead of perceiving this in a pessimistic way? The power of perception can also be used for the highest good of all.

If perceptions made us to live in such a world where there’s no trust, hatred and crimes then why not change the way of how we perceive things? Why not see the world by a broader perspective?

The bottom line is, no matter how or whatever information the media and society comes up with, you have the power on how you perceive it. Whatever they told you, may not necessarily be the truth. After all, people show what they want to. You have the choice to either accept it and give your mind to them or either you have the power over your perceptions, instead of them. The choice is yours.

Thats all from me today, thankyou for being here. Take care. Namastey.


We have one of the most powerful tools, gifted to us by the universe, that is the MIND. Our brains process 40 Billion pieces of information and guess what, we are only aware of 10% of that incredible potential so far.

Whether you believe it or not, our minds create the matter.

Or more precisely, our minds create our physical reality. So does that make you the creator of your reality? Ofcourse you are! Me, you and all beings have the power to create the reality we want. To harness the incredible power of our brain, one of the most popular techniques used is creative visualization.

Visualization is a active process of using your imaginative or creative mind to manifest your objectives.

So, How does this work? First of all, when you visualize, you are tapping into the creative part of the brain which is located in the right hemisphere of the brain.

As per Neuro science and psychological research, our brains cannot tell the difference between what is being imagined and what is reality. In other words, when you are imagining something, as if it is already happening to you at the moment, you will get the same feeling and would react the same way when you would actually be at those moments.

For example: Imagine yourself with your best friend or your loved one. What would it feel like if your loved one or best friend would be there with you after a long time? Realize that feeling as if your loved one is actually there with you. Be fully present in those moments. You see, you would almost feel as if your loved one was already there. Here, your brain cannot determine the difference between the reality and the imagination. What you did was a brief visualization in there!

What matters during Visualization is your emotion. Without emotion, Visualization would be lifeless. And to remind you, emotion is the energy in motion.

So, the more E-motion you put out there in your visualization, the more likely you are to actions on those objectives.

The bottom line is, Visualization will inspire you to take actions.

How to do this? Well, very simple.

• Select a time when you are going to bed or you can also do this right when you wake up in the morning. The reason behind this is, when you are in a sleepy mode, the mind is open to accept new ideas and thoughts as per the Neuroscientific research. The mind, at this time, is in a relaxed state and that is where you can tap into this creative part of mind.

• Okay, now that you are doing this visualization, just imagine yourself from a third person perspective, that is, visualize yourself in the scene from a outer perspective as if you are watching a movie. Observe what would it feel like to have your desires manifested.

For Example: You may have a desire to buy a New Harley Davidson Bike. Imagine as if the Brand New Harley Davidson bike is already there in front of you. Observe and experience the feeling. Just be there in those moments. Imagine yourself riding the bike. Notice what the surroundings would be like. Notice the sounds, the smells. Feel the fresh air. It is important to use your senses here as much as you can. After few moments just take a deep breath in, and out. Now, just relax. Take few relaxing deep breaths and come back to the reality. That’s it! You are done with the creative visualization process. So what to do after the visualization? You don’t have to rush the process. Just trust the process, detach yourself from the outcomes and live your life with gratitude. Everything will unfold at the right time.

So that’s all from me today, Thank You for being here. Take care. Namastey!


Every inner journey begins with the quest for knowing the self. A very typical, “Who am I?” question arises from within. People spend their entire lives around this question seeking answers. So knowing the self becomes a jigsaw puzzle to many of the people. Many people identify themselves with their bodily appearance, worldly possessions, their self image, their accomplishments and talents.

When they attach themselves with such identities, they are actually becoming more prone to live in a lie. A lie which is created by their mind. That is where the self awareness becomes important.

First of all, there is a difference between the mind and the self. The mind is part of the self which involves the process of thinking, feeling, perceiving and judging.

The mind is always on a wanting mode. The mind always seeks answers to its questions. That is the nature of mind. If you are the one who is always having the questions and doubts, then do not worry, don’t get anxious. Because those questions and doubts are not who you are!

It is your mind’s thirst of knowing everything. One way to break free from the mind is to get the awareness about it’s nature and mechanism. And we are already there now. So, now that we know about the mind, let’s get into the theme of knowing the self. The self is nothing but the awareness. You are the awareness, the consciousness who is actually different from the mind. The mind is the part of the awareness. Awareness is the energy. So, you are the energy, the awareness who have a mind, intellect and a physical body to express.

So now that you are aware of the mind and the awareness, it may seem a lot easier to have access over the mind’s incredible potential. And ofcourse you do have that. Think of your mind as a child who is innocent and is always curious to know. Just like how children are taught on how to behave, how to write and how to read, teach your mind on how to think and feel. Set your mind free to think. But there is one rule for this. Do not judge your mind, at the same time don’t let your mind wander for long. Train your mind to be at the present moments by bringing your focus on the breath and the surroundings.

That is what mindfulness means. It is to live in the here and now. Self realization does not happen in the future or imagination. Don’t think of self realization as something magical. Self realization is in the here and now. I AM are the two of the most powerful words that is ever known. The rest what you think is the mind. I AM is the pure awareness. And that is what it means to truly know and understand yourself. In short it is to know your SELF and to understand the MIND.